Actions, Victories, Voting Reform

Voting Reform: Next Steps!

On January 14, the new majority Democratic caucus in the New York Senate made history by passing six momentous voting reforms that had been backlogged after being blocked by Republicans in the NYS Senate. These were:

  • Early voting
  • Consolidated federal and state primaries
  • Pre-registration for 16 and 17 year olds
  • Portable voter registration
  • Proposal for a constitutional amendment on no-excuse absentee voting
  • Proposal for a constitutional amendment on same-day voter registration

But there’s more work to do, and they have pledged to do it! We still need to push for:

  • Restoring voting rights to people on parole
  • Automatic voter registration
  • Voter-friendly ballots

Write your reps

Contact your assemblymember, state senator and Governor Cuomo.

Thank you for passing better voting laws for New York State. Voting reform is long overdue, but this January we started to make a real difference for all New Yorkers. Please keep up the momentum in 2019 and enact voting rights for parolees, Automatic Voter Registration and voter-friendly ballots.