Actions, Justice Reforms

The Child Victims Act passed!

The Child Victims Act (S.809) is an important piece of legislation that will help adults who were abused as children and would bring NYS into alignment with many other states. From the NY state senate site: “Under the new legislation, survivors of child sexual abuse will be permitted to bring a civil lawsuit against their abuser or institutions that enabled or protected their abuser by the age of 55, up from the current age of 23. Additionally, those abused at a public institution will no longer be required to file a notice of claim as a condition to filing a lawsuit.”

Keep Kids Safe and Protect NY Kids are among the groups who advocated for the Child Victims Act.

Thank Your Reps!

Write to your assembly member, state senator and Governor Cuomo.

Thank you for supporting the Child Victims Act. Victims deserve to get justice for the terrible experiences they went through as children and teens. We should protect victims, not abusers.