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It’s a new day and we must take action and fight for our rights!
Let your NYS Senators & Representatives know your STATE of mind!

What do we do here?

We write to each of our own Senators and Representatives on State picture postcards. (#postcardsforAmerica)
Write them about your concerns & about suggested topics which we will keep updated here. This will remind them they are representing us and let them know that we are watching! Make a difference!

1. Get picture postcards from your State.
2. Write a polite message and sign your NAME & ADDRESS. You MUST put your return address so they know you are a Constituent and will listen. They care about the constituents who vote for them.
3. Affix a stamp & MAIL IT!

Our site and Facebook group have PCAs (Postcarders Calls to Action) with current topics, Address Lists for state and local groups and politicians, a guide to throwing a postcard party and everything else you need.

Twitter: @postcardsforUSA and @WatchYourRepsNY