Speed Cameras for NYC

New York City has notoriously heavy/bad traffic, so Families for Safe Streets and Transportation Alternatives is pushing for more red light cameras for NYC. If you live outside the city, this is an issue where you can make more of a difference than someone who lives in NYC, since it’s being held up by upstate leadership and Republicans. Let your reps know that you care about school kids in the city. Their latest email has some great talking points:

We know that speeding drivers are the leading cause of traffic fatalities in New York City and we know that speed safety cameras reduce speeding violations by over 60%.

We need to ensure that critical legislation that would protect more school children than ever from speeding drivers pass this session in Albany.

Senate Bill S.6046 and Assembly Bill A.7798 would:

Cover more schools by expanding speed safety cameras from 140 school zones to 750 School Zones.
Cover more streets by increasing the distance from a school within which cameras can be placed, from a 1/4 mile stretch of road to a 1/2 mile radius. This will reduce speeding on more wide and dangerous streets near schools.
Cover more time by expanding the hours cameras can operate. Currently cameras can only operate on school days during school hours. This legislation ensures cameras are operational from 6am to 10pm, 365 days a year to keep kids safe throughout the day all year round.