Milked! Support immigrant farmworkers upstate

From New York for Democracy and Workers’ Center of Central New York:

A new study, released today at the start of National Dairy Month, Milked: Immigrant Dairy Farmworkers in New York State, finds that a race to the bottom is occurring in the treatment and working conditions of the immigrant laborers who toil in milking parlors and barns. We invite you to read the full report at

Please also take the following steps to support dairy farmworkers in New York State:

Support the Green Light New York: Driving Together campaign to ensure equal access to driver’s licenses for all residents of New York State, regardless of immigration status.

Write a message to Chobani, a leading yogurt company located in upstate New York and major purchaser of New York dairy, asking them to read the report and to implement a worker-driven code of conduct ensuring fair labor practices throughout their supply chain.

Milked: Immigrant Dairy Farmworkers in New York State calls for Governor Cuomo and the New York State Legislature to protect the rights and improve the working conditions of immigrant farmworkers by, among other things, eliminating the exemption of farmworkers from basic labor rights, allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain drivers’ licenses, providing more rigorous oversight of workplace health and safety on dairies, and ensuring that all farmworkers live in safe and dignified housing. The report also calls for dairy companies to implement and enforce worker-led codes of ethical labor conduct with their fresh milk suppliers, purchasing only from those farms that participate in rigorous labor rights monitoring conducted independent of the dairy purchaser or supplier.


Here’s Chobani’s corporate address, if you’d like to send them a postcard:

147 State Highway 320
Norwich, New York 13815