Write to likely voters in Oklahoma!

There’s a new postcarding get-out-the-vote opportunity in Oklahoma’s 75th, near Tulsa. State house seats really get overlooked, and this is another special election where getting people out is all it takes. Karen Gaddis is a great candidate with four decades of experience in public service who was also Tulsa Teacher of the Year three times.

Here’s more information from Tony the Democrat:

Introducing Karen Gaddis!Oklahoma’s 75th House District was re-opened after the Republican who won in November’s election was forced to resign in the wake of a personal scandal. Karen Gaddis was the Democrat on the ballot then and she’s back campaigning hard for the Special Election July 11th.

Read analysis of this flippable opportunity on Daily Kos to see why our handwritten election reminder postcards to Democratic voters can give Karen a winning edge. Visit Karen’s campaign site to see why she’s so qualified to be the voters’ voice in their school funding crisis.  
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