Easy Elections? Keep writing so it stays on their radar

From New York fails, yet again, to make its government cleaner and more responsive: Blame Cuomo and legislative leaders:

New York has outdated and suppressive voting laws and horrific voter turnout, but there is insufficient will in Albany to enact early voting, same-day registration, and other changes that have been passed by the Assembly repeatedly and the governor has said he supports. State Senate Republicans stand in the way of these reforms, afraid that increased voter turnout could cost them their slim hold on the chamber. But even given those dynamics, Cuomo was nowhere to be found on electoral reform. The governor is known for getting what he wants. He had his priorities for this year and he won key victories in the budget passed in April, but increasing voting rights and access were not part of the picture. Cuomo, who famously traversed the state in an RV last year to promote raising the minimum wage, did not hold a single rally or press conference focused on election reform. He did not pen an Op-Ed or even book a TV or radio appearance to discuss the issue.

Keep writing Cuomo and Flanagan to keep these issues on their radar.

Governor Andrew Cuomo
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan
260 Middle Country Road, Suite 102
Smithtown, NY 11787