MomsRising will send you Statues of Liberty…

Here’s an alternate postcarding party idea from MomsRising:

MomsRising members across the country will be celebrating freedom and democracy throughout the month of July by holding Statue of Liberty meetups to remind our elected leaders of the promise of our nation for liberty and justice for everyone, as we also urge them to protect health care. And you can too!

THIS IS HOW IT WORKS: YOU gather your friends, family, playgroup, church group, etc., to sign Statue of Liberty cutouts (like signing postcards, but better!), and MomsRising provides the cutouts FOR FREE!

You and your group sign the stash of Statue of Liberty cutouts with messages of freedom and democracy, as well as supporting healthcare for everyone, and also messages about the issues that are top of mind for you, your family and your community. Then drop off the signed cutouts at the local offices of your elected leaders who you think need to get those messages.

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