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Leveling Up: Have You Ever Considered Writing an Op-Ed?

Here’s a great guide from Indivisible about writing a great op-ed:

Writing OpEds That Make A Difference

I know that I always considered writing an op-ed to be something only serious adults did, but I watched someone on a mailing list write one this week and it was simpler than I thought. If you like writing and want to get the word out about an issue, keep it in your toolbox. It’s an especially good tool for state and local issues.

Think small! I know for many people in the New York City area, it sounds pretty impossible to write an op-ed for the New York Times, but there are plenty of smaller, local papers that your reps and neighbors read. They want to engage with your community and will welcome your input.

Be short! You don’t need to write anything elaborate. If you’ve been spending time writing pithy Facebook comments and well-crafted tweets, you’ve got all the skills you need to get out there. Your points are more likely to find a ripe audience in a local paper or blog than in your social media bubble.

Find your people! Have a small audience of proofreaders, like an subject-oriented email list or a tight filter on Facebook, to make sure that you’ve fixed the most obvious problems before you turn it in.