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Friends of the Earth is having a activist workshop and training…

Friends of the Earth is having a activist workshop and training this coming weekend.

Stand Up to Trump Activist Workshop and Training
Saturday, Oct. 14, New York, NY 11:00am-3:00pm
224 West 29 Street, 14th fl, NY, NY 10001

(Training is free and lunch is provided)

Hosted by Friends of the Earth, 350NYC, Sane Energy, Sierra Club

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We should all be able to turn on our tap or walk outside and breathe the fresh air without fear from pollution. Unfortunately, that’s the direction we’re heading if we don’t ensure protections for our nation’s number one environmental watchdog: the Environmental Protection Agency.

Attend our activist workshop and strategy session to get the tools you need to stand up to Big Polluters. ExxonMobil, BP, and Monsanto are all fighting hard to gut the programs that protect our air, water, and open spaces. All the while, they’re hoping to line their pockets with profits at the expense of our communities. They’re lobbying their allies in the Trump Administration and Congress to ensure just that. We need everyone who cares about clean water and air to stand up and fight back.

Learn the tools and skills you need to stand up for the EPA at our Activist Workshop and Training. During the Activist Workshop and Training you’ll learn valuable grassroots organizing and leadership skills, from how to create a campaign to influencing decision makers, and connect with other area activists, both on and off campus. The session is completely free and lunch will be provided!