Voting Reform

Let NY Vote has a bunch of great ideas and information to update our state’s voting laws. Here’s a one sheet that outlines their plans for 2019.

Write your Reps!

Our election laws clearly need updating. Please support the ideas from the nonpartisan group LetNYVote so we can have:

• Early voting that includes at least two weekends and some evenings
• Automatic voter registration not limited to the DMV
• Restoring voting rights for people on parole as an automatic process
• A more flexible change of party deadline closer to election day
• Consolidated state and federal primaries
• Same-day voter registration as a constitutional amendment
• Pass the Voter Friendly Ballot Act

Thank you!

(Obviously, not all of this will fit on a postcard, so pick and choose!)

Target your Assemblymember, State Senator and Governor Cuomo.

Writing to other voters

Let NY Vote has a pre-written letter for you to use as a sample.