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Green New Deal for NYC

There are a couple of bills before the NY City Council right now that are worth watching. Intro 1251 would give buildings green energy grades, Intro 1252 would establish a loan program to help buildings buy energy efficient systems and Intro 1253 asks larger buildings in New York City to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050.

HuffPo: The Real Estate Industry Is Fighting New York City’s Historic Climate Bill On Technicalities

Write your reps

In NYC: Contact your city council member and the mayor.

I support the Green New Deal for NYC. New York City is vulnerable to climate change and should be doing its part to lower greenhouse gasses. Please pass Intro 1251, 1252 and 1253.

Want this for your city?

Write to your mayor and local officials.

I’ve been reading about the Green New Deal laws in NYC and I wish we’d consider something similar for our town so that we also reduce our dependence on greenhouse gasses.