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The DREAM Act passes!

The DREAM Act (S.1250) expands educational opportunities in New York for undocumented immigrants. Dreamers will now be eligible for the NYS Tuition Assistance Program, the Excelsior Scholarship (for free tuition at public colleges and universities in New York), and other financial aid awards for college. Students have to apply to attend college or university in

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NY Liberty Act

New York state would become a sanctuary state under the NYS Liberty Act (S.4075). From the bill: Consistent with constitutional principles, the bill would prohibit New York state and local law enforcement officials from acting based on suspected federal immigration status or suspected violation of U.S. immigration law, and would prohibit these officials from performing

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The Liberty Act

This suggestion comes from CAIR-NY, who gave us some great postcarding ideas for Ramadan. Here’s one that helps our immigrant communities. The Liberty Act (S.4075) is currently stuck in the NYS Senate. The official blurb is “Relates to providing access to services, law enforcement and counsel in certain immigration related matters.”, and it prevents the state

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